The Democracy Summer project trains and deploys the next generation of Democratic organizers and leaders to win elections all over America. Founded by Congressman Jamie Raskin, backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and buoyed by thousands of supportive alumni across the country, Democracy Summer engages high school and college-aged young people in state-of-the-art tactics in voter registration, canvassing and digital political organizing. Moreover, through on-line seminars with leading historians, law professors, political organizers and union and elected leaders, it provides an intensive education in the historical struggle for democratic freedom and essential lessons for effective political leadership today. We'd love to have you join our team!

You can scroll down to find our full list of partner campaigns! Apply to the campaign closest to your summer residence. If there is not one near you, or if you would like to participate in a virtual-only capacity, you can apply to our general application!

Please note that the priority application deadline was April 12th, however, most campaigns will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until May 10th.




(AK-At Large), AK

(AL-07), AL

(AZ-04), AZ

(CA-02), CA

(CA-12), CA

(CA-13), CA

(CA-25), CA

(CA-27), CA

(CA-28), CA

(CA-36), CA

(CA-37), CA

(CA-38), CA

(CA-39), CA

(CA-41), CA

(CA-49), CA

(CA-50), CA

(CA-51), CA

(CO-02), US

(CO-08), CO

(CT-03), CT

(CT-04), CT

(CT-05), CT

(DE-At Large), DE

(FL-09), FL

(FL-10), FL

(FL-22), FL

(FL-23), FL

(FL-25), FL

(GA-05), GA

(HI-02), HI

(IA-01), IA

(IL-06), IL

(IL-10), IL

(IL-13), IL

(IL-17), IL

(IN-01), IN

(KS-03), KS

(MA-02), MA

(MA-06), MA

(MD-05), MD

(MD-08), MD

(ME-02), ME

(MI-03), MI

(MI-06), MI

(MI-07), MI

(MI-11), MI

(MN-02), MN

(MN-05), MN

(MO-01), MO

(MT-01), MT

(NC-01), NC

(NC-02), NC

(NE-02), NE

(NH-01), NH

(NJ-07), NJ

(NM-01), NM

(NM-02), NM

(NM-03), NM

(NV-03), NV

(NV-04), NV

(NY-10), NY

(NY-18), NY

(NY-25), NY

(OH-01), OH

(OH-09), OH

(OH-13), OH

(PA-01), PA

(PA-04), PA

(PA-05), PA

(PA-07), PA

(PA-08), PA

(PA-12), PA

(PA-17), PA

(RI-01), RI

(TX-16), TX

(TX-34), TX

(VA-02), VA

(WA-01), WA

(WA-02), WA

(WA-03), WA

(WA-07), WA

(WA-08), WA


United States